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About Us

You had an idea that sparked, you took action, you had late night whiteboard adrenaline-fueled nights. You did where mostly only dream.

Be proud you joined one of the rarest communities and show it off. 

There is an entrepreneurial bond that we all share whether its your first lemonade stand or your 10th enterprise exit. That is the essence of the Entrepreneur Empire. 

Daniel DiMassa: Daniel is one of those guys that lights up like a Christmas tree more excited telling you about the paper route monopoly he started at 13yr old or his first (failed) startup then his current success. A true serial entrepreneur that was in "too many" industries as he says.

Most in the adrenaline world know him as the Founder of Die Epic a global life style brand which spread like wildfire as being the first brand with write-in goal spots and a strict unbreakable ethos. With little advertising they amassed over 70,000 #DieEpic tagged pictures on Instagram alone of fans living outside their comfort zones. 

Others will recognize him from being a enterprise mobile app influencer. His blog is rank 1 for "mobile app expert" for many years as he traveled the east coast public speaking on apps and wearables (Even having one of the largest Google Glass groups).

He keeps busy with other lifestyle brands in his passions that fuel charities which lead him to blog about "how to start a t shirt brand". That was recently acquired/partnered with Dan Caldwell (TapouT) and Andrea Lake from Delinquent Distribution (sales rights to Minecraft, Call of Duty, Walk Dead, etc) TEEacher now is called "the top Tshirt Brand Startup Guide worldwide".  

John Saunders: John D. Saunders is a Digital Marketing Strategist and Founder of 5Four Digital with 8+ years experience in building brands online. Working with brands like Land Rover, Audi and the NAACP, he has utilized Website Development, Content Marketing and Social Media Strategy to create marketing campaigns that resonate with the consumer and drive consistent sales and conversions.

John’s main focus is to provide VALUE to business owners and entrepreneurs through actionable marketing tactics. By launching an online course with more than 1,900 active students and building, scaling and selling two ecommerce businesses, John hopes to continue spreading digital marketing knowledge around the world and providing stellar marketing tactics to local and national business owners.
John is also the Founder and Lead Content Creator at, a financial literacy blog for urban millennials discussing crypto, investing and more.